Apple & me; me & Apple and my believes…

Now it’s final Apple doesn’t want me (for now).

My possible employment for Apple ended in no[thing] (success), which is also good.

Everything what happens to me in my life is good.

Any news are good news.

Any changes are good changes.

I might be in question (now) why this or that was/is happening to me… however in the (long) run [of the time] everything (will eventually) become clear… all purposes of the all happenings which [have]/did occurre[d] to me…

Such is my strong believe along with many others.

For now I stay as before in Munich.

I didn’t experience Cork and the part of Ireland.

I didn’t experience [how is it to be]/would it be to work[ing] for this company, it’s a pity however it’s OK.

Munich is my city and I actually like it here very well too.

Being a scanner I like all new interesting experiences and Apple definitely is a very interesting company to experience and could’ve been an interesting new chapter in my life.


About leozukov

The real me. A scanner, a multipreneur, a curious mind and a World citizen - Earthling.
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