Some thoughts about Ubuntu Linux

Earlier Linux was both reliable and free.

Now it’s only free. My Ubuntu Linux freezes and becomes completely unresponsive sometimes several times during a day.

I’m using Ubuntu Linux on my laptop and I have to admit that it becomes more and more user-friendly and it also becomes a nightmare for an “old” Linux system administrator because the configuration files are shifted and some of the files are simply not present anymore.

Wireless networking is still a troublesome area in Ubuntu and if they add some new features some “old” and very useful features sometimes stop working.

However there are always other distributions like Debian, Fedora usw.  and a lot of free third-party software.

I’m using only Linux several years by now and it’s a huge disappointment to see my system freeze and become unresponsive.

It might well be a hardware fault and one of the hardware components, well, play dirty as I cannot find any(thing) indications in the log files that it’s OSes (fault).

It doesn’t minder the disappointment though.

Having written all that – I love Linux and free software!


About leozukov

The real me. A scanner, a multipreneur, a curious mind and a World citizen - Earthling.
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