Bayrischzell – Wendelstein hike

Yesterday I was in the mountains hiking. I took a BOB (Bayerische Oberland Bahn) train from the München-Harras station and headed towards Bayrischzell.

My idea was to get to the Wendelstein. Once arrived @ the final station in Bayrischzell where the train terminates I got out of the station area and followed the signs to Wendelstein. The weather was OK. There were some heavy clouds however there were some sunny spells as well. I have to say that the elevation is nothing for the “small and weak children” and|or for “couch potatoes”. It’s quite steep.

Despite the time stated on the signs – 3.30 minutes it took me to get to the top 1.40 minutes and 1.50 minutes to get back down to the Bayrischzell train station. There are really some “crazy” people in the world. An my elevation I met a person running in the mountains. He easily overtook me and believe me, I’m quite fit and quite quick with regards to the elevation speed. The only more crazier people for me are the mountain bikers, however I didn’t seen any on that day.

On the top of the Wendelstein you’ll find:

        • a cable car, which will take you into the valley
        • a cog train, which will take into the village on the opposite site of the mountain from Bayrischzell where you’ll have your bus connection to the DB (Deutsche Bahn) railroad stations
        • a restaurant, where you can enjoy good food and traditional drinks
        • a church, where you can pray if you want to


        • a cave, which you can go discover, if you’re up to it.

Unfortunately on the top was fog, which prevented me and some other hikers not only enjoying the view and also even seeing anything.

That’s the reason why in this post you won’t be able to enjoy many relevant photos.

The similar difficult elevation is in Lenggries – Brauneck, which in my opinion is even more interesting because it offers additional hiking possibilities, however having said that Wendelstein has more attractions such as the mentioned above cave which you can discover, the active church where you can take a part in the service, if you’re a active and practicing believer in Jesus and God and the cog train.

Map of the Wendelstein Ring Line

Wendelstein Ring Line



Traditional bavarian band

They played some classical music

Bayrischzell train station

Bayrischzell train station


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