“Fences in the heads”

As I mentioned before I was watching movies today and the weather was really perfect for doing that I managed to watch some of them.

Another one which I liked was “A lot like love”. I don’t know why however this one caused in me some parallels with “Serendipity”.

I tweeted that I’m such a sucker for love movies. This is probably because my own love life wishes to be better and so for many many years.

What I also watched today and kind of liked initially was “The kids are all right”, however when I’ve seen the inability of accepting another family member into the family by the strongest one, the “man” in the family.

This owning of the people. You belong to me. I belong to you… and there simply cannot be anyone else who could take part in the family… why not??? Who says that the family should consist out of 2 persons??? and not 3,4,5…. or even more???

Really??? Who???

It makes me to become “difficult” as I really don’t like limitations at all.

A society/world where everything is based on love and acceptance… and where literally there is no place for greed and fear… is not a dream (anymore)… it’s a reality which we have to make real all around the globe.

Such is my opinion! What’s yours?


About leozukov

The real me. A scanner, a multipreneur, a curious mind and a World citizen - Earthling.
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