The weather in Munich is brilliant today… for watching some movies.

The weather in Munich is brilliant for watching movies and it’s exactly what I’m doing today.

It’s raining outside and I feel my time with some activities I like i.e. watching movies, drinking very good green tea and exceptionally eating some chocolate, which I actually do pretty much with the same frequency like drinking coffee… i.e. very very seldom(ly).

Yesterday I took some movies in the library and so far I  watched 2 movies out of 18.

I watched “The Mongol” – a film about Genghis Khan, which was OK and the movie “27 dresses” which I have already seen during my life in England. I watched the movie couple of years ago in one of couple of cinemas in Swindon, Wiltshire. The theater name was if I’m not mistaking “Cinemax”.

I really like the movie, despite all it’s predictability.

And this movie gave me a sign that I had to go for my traveling  and leave my comfort zone, which in fact wasn’t that comfortable either.

The main guilt to that was the money i.e. the luck of it.

I was struggling to pay for my accommodation, I was struggling finding money for my food and my credit cards were so deep in dept that I not only couldn’t  draw any money of it anymore I also was struggling with the repayments. With the amounts of the repayments coming my way from different sides and from different credit card institutions and banks.

As you understand I simply had to escape this madness… How I did it it’s a different story… However this is not the story I wanted to write about today.

Today I’m still struggling with money while trying to find good and reliable customers for my IT company, which whom I could change the situation (at least with money) around.

I wanted to write about the/this movie and it’s effects, which it has upon me.

Whenever I watch this movie it always tells me something and it’s messages are changing all the time.

I also weep during the watch like a …. (please find yourself the most suitable to you expression which you’d (like to) use for a male person in his 30+-ies)

If you still haven’t seen the movie I’d suggest you do it, especially females and|or some males with the high amount of female essences in themselves, like it is the case/story with the writer of this post.

If you feels like commenting on/about this post feel free to do so… either here or anywhere else you(‘ve) read this post.


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The real me. A scanner, a multipreneur, a curious mind and a World citizen - Earthling.
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