Another beautiful day with a brilliant weather for further watching movies… and/or reading books… :)

There is such a rollercoaster in terms of weather in Munich right now.

The weather is pretty similar to the weather I’ve experienced in England mainly during springs.

And in best traditions for such weather I kept doing what I was doing the day before – I watched movies.

There’re so many interesting and beautiful stories in our World and I don’t really care whether they’re fiction or the real reality. Many fictions have the tendency to become real(ity) and I’d say that many realities turn out becoming fictions (at least in books – that’s for sure)

What made an impression on me was the “Flawless”  with Demi Moore and Michael Caine.

In the movie he is playing exactly the man, how man in my understanding and opinion is meant/have to be.

Patient and sure. Solid like a rock surrounded by sometime stormy water in the form of Demi Moore. (People who read some of the books by David Deida will understand what I’m talking about i.e. this one – “The way of the superior man”)


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