For people who love their body(-ies)… and soul(s)…

I’m genually love sauna and I also love meeting new people and have some (interesting and fruitful) conversations with them, where you can exchange infos and share knowledge… and there is a plenty of time in the time between infusions (Aufguss)… and the summer we’re curently having is more like autumn…

I’m looking for a company to go with to a sauna and because the closest to me is the Südbad I’d suggest we go to this particular bath, which has quite a good sauna.

If you go after 20:00 the sauna entrance costs you under 10 Euros per person.

Is in this group anyone who shares the passion for sauna and for a time spent healthy/a healthy meeting?

If you don’t like Südbad – suggest another “bath” such as Westbad (which also has a good sauna) and/or we could share a MVV Gesamtnetz group (Partner) ticket and go to Erding and visit Erdinger Therme.
The entrance price for visiting Erdinger Therme is (of course) much more expensive.

There’re also some other good saunas in Bavaria such as Bad Tölz-er water amusement center “Alpamare” and Bad Aibling-er Therme.

They both are very good and Alpamare has even rather unusual for Bavarian saunas separate sauna areas for men and women and is on the other hand the most unfavourably far located from the train station and there isn’t a shuttle bus from the train station to the water park.

Who’ll go to Südbad (the most cost affordable option) with or without* me on the 31 July? (*without me if I’ll be away from Munich and will be in some other city or town on this particular day)

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